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All of us our living in a global climate crisis. If we don't act now 350 million people will face water scarcity and 2.9 billion people will be exposed to extreme heat by 2050 every 5 years.

Justdiggit is an NGO that has the mission to regreen Africa in the next ten years. Justdiggit deploys effective nature based solutions to regreen dry and degraded land in Africa. Land degradation and decreased vegetation are a vicious circle. With the disappearance of vegetation, the return of new vegetation becomes increasingly difficult: there are fewer nutrients in the soil and water infiltration is inhibited due to the dry, hard top layer of the soil.

If nature is brought back by applying cost-effective nature-based solutions, we can mitigate global warming by 37%! This will benefit nature, biodiversity and people everywhere, and help cool down our planet. Justdiggit’s regreening programs run on the ground in Africa use traditional scalable and easy-to-apply landscape restoration techniques. Together with communities and local partners, designated areas are regreened in a quick, sustainable way.

With EUR 50.000 Justdiggit is able to regreen large parts of land in Africa and cool down our planet! So far, Justdiggit has regreened over 350,000 hectares of land and recovered 13.9 million trees. But we are just getting started…

Last Year's

Metrics Summary

The expected long-term impact with a contribution of € 28.761,-
17.350 Trees restored
476 HA land to be regreened
333 Million liters of water retained (t=20)

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